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[info]albionmods [Nov. 4th, 2019|09:36 am]
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[info]fragmented_mod [Jan. 10th, 2013|11:10 am]
Deity and Purview: Feya - love, lust beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold, war and death

Source Material URL: http://www.viking-mythology.com/asynjur.html#freya

Description of Residence: (Deities may have multiple residences based on their myth, as well as places they've chosen to put homes post-myth - be certain to describe at least their myth-based home)

Personality: Jasmine at first is there, she's obviously relaxed and comfortable with who she is but also extremely friendly and loud and will make herself known by saying something. She's often laughing and generally having fun while around other people. You would also notice her looks as she is definitely on the gorgeous side of things and is often someone you would remember after said meeting of her.

On the outside, Jasmine is very much what you perceive in first meeting her, she's incredibly loud, outgoing and friendly as well as a bit in your face at times when she gets overly excited. She exudes confidence and happiness to people around her and she's always all smiles and happiness (well most of the time). She tries to always have a kind word to say to people and has a habit of flirting with guys even when she doesn't want to come onto them, it is just the way she naturally is.

In some ways, Jasmine is just how she appears on the outside as she is on the inside but over the past few years she has changed and matured in a lot of ways. She is still very much loud, outgoing and very much a social person but she is starting to understand the pains of life and that it won't always be happy lovey dovey - despite having both of her parents remarry when she was young she grew up believing that the world was perfect in many ways. The incident with her boyfriend though opened her eyes in a way that nothing else could and combined with her memories of her life as Freya she is starting to realise that the world can hurt you.

Despite this, she still holds a lot of value in friendship, love and families, something she desperately wants of her own and hopes for a world where everything will be alright, which is one reason she fights so hard for equal rights for everyone.

A side of herself that she isn't all that keen on but it is still a part of her is the part that takes after Freya's other aspects - war and death. She has a violent temper and will hold a grudge forever, cursing people in the process and she's always at the forefront of a fight especially when it comes to her beliefs and things that she is passionate about - which is one reason which is why she is in the LGBT club. This part of her, though she will deny it as much as she can for fear of people judging her, finds death intriguing and sometimes wishes she had the nerve to further explore this side of her.


Friendly - Freya gets on well with pretty much everyone and is very much a people person.

A big Heart - She cares for people a lot, she cares for equality and justice and finds it easy to love people.

Hard Working - Freya despite her habit of socializing first and foremost she is a hard worker and will do her best at her school work, even if she puts it off till the end.


Selfish - It took her a long time to learn the meaning of the word no, what she wants she gets. It isn't bad in a lot of waters but if she wants a new dress she will get it and so forth.

Loud/Outgoing - While this might be a strength, Freya unfortunately doesn't know when to stop talking a lot of the time resulting her in getting in trouble a lot.

Vain - She knows she's pretty and she loves it, she'll take hours in front of the mirror getting ready to make sure she looks exactly perfect.

Violent - Perhaps Jasmine's biggest flaw is her temper that can often get the best of her. When fully enraged the results can be disastrous.

Special Details: (What about your character is not included in myth? This isn't the place to be shy!)
Shared Reality: (If you're importing your own character with no changes from a previous deities-based game, note the game name here)
Writing Sample: If you've already written for the character elsewhere, please link to the game and a post in particular. If not, here's where you start playing your character (no fewer than three paragraphs).
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HMD;; [Sep. 7th, 2012|04:35 pm]

How's my driving
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